Shock Tube Detonators

Shock Tube DetonatorsNon-electric detonators

Nonel NPED

This is a shock tube detonator system manufactured by Dyno Nobel, Sweden, which contains no primary explosive in its composition thus making it safer in use. There are 3 detonator types:


  1. *Nonel MS
    This is a short delay detonator system of 25ms increments from period No. 3 (75ms) to period No. 20 (500ms). The detonator tubes are connected using either a Snapline connector or low energy detonating cord. (3.6-5.0g/m). * Special order
  2. Nonel LP
    This is a long period delay for use in underground applications. It is available in delay periods from no. 0 to no. 60 with time delay of 25 to 6000 ms nominal time with tube length of 6m. Tubes are connected using either Bunch connectors or low energy detonating cord (3.6-5.6 g/m)
  3. Nonel Unidet
    This is a detonator system designed for surface applications. The principle is that the same delay period is used for every hole with the timing between holes being affected by surface delays incorporated into connector units. For double-decked holes a common delay period is used for the bottom deck with another common delay for the top deck. Unidets are available in the following delays: U450 - 450ms; U475 - 475ms; U500 - 500ms - all times with 6m length tubes.

Nonel Accessories

  1. Bunch Connectors
    The Bunch Connector is used in tunnel blasting and is designed to initiate a maximum of 20 Nonel tubes at the same time. It consists of a snapline 0 connector block coupled to a loop of low energy detonating cord.
  2. E-Clip Starter
    This is a Snapline 0 connector with a long tube for connecting the blast round to the firing apparatus. Tube Lengths
    - 50m: 2per bag,10 per box
    - 100m - 1 per bag, 5 per box

Surface Delay E-Clip Connector Units (* Nominal Times with 3.6m length tubes.)
Snapline Connector units contain a detonator with a reduced base charge as well as a small primary explosive charge.

Connector Unit Specifications
Time* (ms)017254267