Kemex Pumped Emulsions

KemexIrish Industrial Explosives Ltd offers a complete, on-site service that delivers explosives directly into the shothole.

Kemex is a site manufactured explosive. The non-explosive materials are transported in a specifically-designed pumptruck. The materials, once blended, are pumped direct into the shothole by trained and experienced operators.

The system, with a capacity of up to ten tonnes, meters the quantity delivered while loading the shot.

IIE's Kemex service offers the customer many benefits.

  • Each shot is loaded by trained and experienced I.I.E. Operators.
  • It allows for a widening of the drill pattern thus reducing overall costs.
  • Kemex is waterproof and therefore equally suited to wet or dry conditions.
  • 100 per cent explosive:rock coupling allows maximum use of explosive energy.
  • Reduced manual handling means less labour required.
  • Kemex speeds up the blast process, especially on larger shots.
  • Disposal of packaging on-site is no longer necessary.
  • Increased safety as Kemex only becomes an explosive after 20 minutes in the shothole.

By reducing manpower and drilling requirements this convenient system allows significant savings in the overall cost of blasting operations.