Detonating Cords

Detonating CordsPrimaflex Detonating Cord

Primaflex detonating cord consists of a core of Pentaerithritol-Tetranitrate (PETN) enclosed in a tape which is wrapped with textile and/or synthetic yarns.

It is then enclosed in a tubular cover of coloured plastic, giving a strong flexible cord which is waterproof and light in weight. Primaflex may be initiated by a detonator of No.6 strength or greater. It has a velocity of detonation of 5,500mps.

Different strengths of cord are manufactured by varying the weight of the PETN core expressed in terms of grammes per meter, for example Primaflex 12 denotes 12g/m PETN core.

Types of Primaflex (UN Classification for all types = 1.1D)

Primaflex 6

Used in Ireland for initiating a bunch of shock tube detonators in tunnel rounds.
Colour code: Blue Packing Reels of 250m.

Primaflex 12

Used in surface blasting mainly as an in-hole initiator of explosives when decking the column charge. It may also be used as a trunk line for the initiation of a number of holes, but this is not recommended in sensitive locations where noise could be a problem.
Colour code:White Packing Reels of 50m and 150m.

Primaflex 40

Used for presplitting and cutting granite in dimensional stone quarries.
Colour code:Red Packing Reels of 100m.

Primaflex 70

Used for presplitting and smooth blasting.
Colour code: Ivory Packing Reels of 100m.