Quality Policy

Quality Policy

IIE is committed to supplying products and services to meet agreed specifications and requirements at a competitive price.

We will ensure that products shall be delivered as requested by customers while meeting all specified standards of conformance to customer requirements.

We will develop and maintain a Quality System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 to assure the effective implementation of the Quality Policy.

We are committed to periodically review, update and improve the Quality Policy and the quality system, to meet the customers changing requirements, and to ensure the system continues to be effective

We will provide sufficient resources for staff training in the area for which they are responsible.

We will pursue a continuing programme of improvement in the quality of our service and product range

We will put in place a framework for identification and review of Quality improvement objectives, to support the continuous improvement programme. This shall be undertaken annually by way of objectives and targets, and communicated throughout the organisation within individual goals.

This Policy shall be adequately communicated within the organisation such that it is understood by all employees.

The Quality Policy and the requirements of the Quality Manual are issued on the authority of the Board of Directors and the implementation of this policy is mandatory on all employees.