Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Irish Industrial Explosives Ltd is an explosives manufacturer and supplier of explosive products and accessories to the quarry, mining and civil engineering industries.

It is our policy to ensure that our products are manufactured, handled and transported with due regard for the environment.

We will demonstrate this commitment by:

 Assessing the environmental effects of our activities and seek through to minimise or eliminate any potential environmental impacts.

 Ensuring that all relevant EU, national and regional legislation and environmental statutory requirements are complied with.

Utilising suppliers that offer products, which are sustainable, recyclable or environmentally sensitive wherever practical and economic.

Committing to responsible energy management by purchasing and using energy in the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner where possible.

Encouraging clients to work towards the reduction, recycling and reuse of waste material.

 Encouraging consultants and suppliers to use the same standards of environmental care as we ourselves advocated.

 Ensuring that this policy is available to the public and interested parties.

The Environmental Policy is issued on the authority of the Board of directors and the implementation of this policy is mandatory on all employees.

This policy will be the subject of annual review and monitoring to ensure that we are continually improving on our environmental performance.