Vibration Monitoring

The use of industrial explosives generates vibration both in the ground and in the air. In order to minimise this vibration created on the initiation of the explosives, it is essential that the method in which the explosives detonate is controlled. This will significantly reduce the impact on local neighbours and aid compliance with current legislation and planning conditions.

Vibration MonitoringIrish Industrial Explosives Blasting Services Engineers employ "Best Practice" to ensure that both ground and air over pressure is controlled and minimised. In addition to our Blast Supervision service, or individually as a separate service, a Vibration Monitoring service can be provided to ensure compliance with the planning conditions.

A portable field Seismograph is positioned such that accurate measurements can be recorded and subsequently used to predict vibration at specified distances. Following the shot, the data is retrieved, analysed and a report generated for the customer and, where necessary, recommendations are made to ensure that environmental disturbance is kept to a minimum. This will provide evidence at a later stage, if necessary, to demonstrate that adequate control has been exercised over the shot.

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