To ensure the efficient use of explosives within the blasting process Irish Industrial Explosives provide a pre-drilling quarry face survey service to customers.

Using the latest technology, our Engineers can ensure that each blast set out for drilling operations can produce the best results required for each individual customer's needs. Whether the shot needs to be of a particular volume or certain fragmentation, our Engineers possess the necessary skills, experience and equipment to deal with the task in hand. Any shot specified by each individual quarry or site will be set out using arbitrary reference points on the quarry crest to indicate drill hole positions. These points will be surveyed in to fixed reference points and surveyed using our laser surveying equipment. The results of the survey are then downloaded into our software package for analysis. Using our Engineers skills and experience, a decision is made from the data analysis, the optimum drilling specification for your site's needs as well as to ensure a safe blast in accordance to the current quarry regulations.

A post-drilling service is also available that ensures that the drilling has been carried out to the designed specification. This will include a front row borehole analysis (the measuring of hole depths, angles and azimuths).


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