Consultancy Services

Utilising our highly trained and experienced team of Civil and Mining Engineers Irish Industrial Explosives offer a full consultancy service including: -

Blast Design

No two blasting projects are exactly the same. Considering local ground conditions, desired results and local environmental constraints, our Engineers will produce designs to ensure safe effective blasts for: -

Feasibility Studies

Blasting is usually the most cost-effective option for rock and concrete excavation. Completing a Blasting Feasibility Study will ensure that consultants and contractors have the best information when planning their project.

By considering the local factors affecting the design of blasts, including proximity to residential property or other sensitive structures and services, the most efficient blasting programme can be produced. The Feasibility Study includes blast designs, duration of blasting programme, predicted effect on adjacent structures, methods to control environmental impact, prevention of fly rock and estimation of cost.

Method Statements

All blasting projects carried out by our Engineers are carefully planned and executed so that current regulations and best practices are complied with. In the case of Civil Engineering projects, full method statements are produced. These detail working procedures and a risk assessment controlling all aspects of the use of explosives on the site. In addition they include proposed blast designs, prediction of the impact on neighbouring properties or sensitive structures, control of environmental effects, avoidance of misfires, prevention of fly rock and warning systems to alert site personnel and local residents of blasting operations.

Environmental Impact Assessments

To assist with Minerals Planning Applications, Irish Industrial Explosives offer Environmental Impact Assessments with respect to blasting operations.

Drawing from records of over 40 years of blasting experience, we can predict and control the likely impact of blasting on nearby residential properties and other sensitive structures.

After a comprehensive site assessment, we recommend safe Ground Vibration and Air Overpressure levels, and calculate blast design parameters so that these levels are unlikely to be exceeded.

The site assessment, proposed blast design parameters and predicted ground vibration and air overpressure levels are compiled in a report along with methods to limit noise and prevent fly rock.


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