About Us


Founded in 1964 Irish Industrial Explosives Ltd (IIE) has been serving the Irish Mining, Quarrying & Civil Engineering Industries in Ireland for over 40 years. During this time IIE has been to the fore in providing the Irish customer with the very latest in explosive technology.

The company's factory at Clonagh, Enfield, Co. Meath was opened in 1967. The first explosives produced were Nitroglycerine based. The 1970's saw the introduction of Anfo, Ammogex, to the Irish market. This was followed by the launch of cartridge watergel explosives, in 1990. Kemex Pumped Emulsion was first introduced into the Irish market by IIE in 1997. IIE introduced the Emugel range of cartridge emulsions in 1997 to replace watergel explosives. All IIE products are produced to the highest possible standard and the manufacturing facility is accredited to the international quality standard ISO 9002.

What We Do

By offering a complete range of products and accessories, IIE is able to provide the customer with the product that suits their specific needs. To enhance the service to the customer, IIE's experienced Blasting Services Team provides professional advice on all aspects of blasting including Quarry Face Surveys, Rock Face Profiling, Vibration Monitoring and Analysis, Blast Design, Consultancy and Shotfiring.